Compose and Send a Fax

NOTE: If you need to scan a document into electronic format to prepare it for faxing, the recommended DPI is 200.

To compose a fax:

  1. Log into Sfax at
  2. Click Compose Fax in the left navigation pane—then:

  • In the Outgoing Number pane: Either enter the recipient's fax number (starting with a 1; e.g., 1-855-555-1212) in the first textbox―OR to search for the recipient's fax number, enter their name, press Enter, then check their box when their name appears.

  • In the Files pane: Click the Upload documents button—and in the Upload Documents window, either: a) Open Windows Explorer, navigate to, highlight, and hold the document you want to upload, and move it to the Drag and drop files here pane of the Upload documents window (if you selected the wrong document, click the minus button in the file-name textbox, then Browse to start over)...OR... b) Under Select files, click the Choose Files button—and in the Open window: Navigate to and select the document you want to upload, click Open (the file name now appears next to the Choose Files button in the Upload documents window); then click the Next button to save and exit. (Repeat to upload another document.)

  • In the Cover page pane: Click the drop-down arrow, and select a cover page (if you wish); enter the subject of the fax, any references/remarks—then click Send when done.

  1. When the Sfax portal reappears, click the Outbox button. A line item of your fax displays, with a Rendering status (and the next two statuses you will see are Queued and Sending).

  1. Once the fax is sent, you can see if it was done successfully (or not) by clicking Sent (or Failed) in the left navigation pane.

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