Purchase Custom Fax-Cover Pages

Purchase Custom Fax-Cover Pages

Sfax has three standard cover pages that meet standard HIPAA compliance and can be used for your faxes. However, you (the account/organization, administrator) can purchase custom cover pages for your account, which must be in a billable state. That is, you have a trial account, we would need your permission to begin the billing process immediately, forgoing the remainder of your trial. 

All plans come with one custom cover page per line; a second cover page would be $25 per line. (Cover pages are charged to the same credit card used for your account's billing.)

The three standard cover pages Sfax provides are used as templates to build the custom cover pages (Modern, Simple, and Traditional).

Information for each custom cover page (auto-populated from your Sfax account information, as well as that entered on the fax composition page [(e.g., Subject, Ref., Remarks]) is restricted to that shown; so you would have to let us know which one(s) you prefer.

Once you select the page you prefer, you will need to create a template of it, in an editable Microsoft Word format. You can include black and white logos, address/ phone number information, and any confidentiality statement you'd like to add. You also need to name of the cover page, as you would like it to show on your account.

If you have any questions or are ready to begin the creation process, please submit a support request to support@sfax.com; and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If you have your Word document ready, please send this with your request so that we can get started on the process for you.

Creation of the custom cover page is 1-2 weeks, depending on when we receive your cover page as well as communication in between―and we will provide you an example of the end product for your approval before we upload it to your account. 

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