Creating a custom cover page

Adding a custom cover page to your account is simple. The following information will help guide you through what is needed for the creation of your custom cover page.

The three standard cover pages we have meet standard HIPAA compliance and can be used for your faxes. If you do wish to create a custom cover page for your account, here is what we need.

You receive one custom cover page per line.  A second cover page for a fax line would be $25. This would be charged to the same credit card that is used for your account billing.

We require the user submitting custom cover page request be an Account Admin or Org Admin on the account.

We require the account be in a billable state prior to creating a custom cover page. If you are currently in the trial period, we would need your permission to begin the billing process immediately forgoing the remainder of your trial

We will use one of the three standard cover pages as a template to build the cover page.  Please let us know which would be the closest format that matches the layout you prefer: Modern, Simple, or Traditional. The information we will insert into the cover page is restricted to the following (based on layout selected), and is populated automatically from the information you enter during the Send process and your Account information:




Once you have selected a layout for your cover page, you will need to create a template in an Editable Word Document format. Include any logos you would like displayed (please have all logos in a black and white format, as this translates better for faxes), any address or phone number information, or any confidentiality statement that you would like attached to your custom cover page.

Lastly, we would need the name of the cover page as you would like it to show on your account.

The custom cover page creation process can take one to two weeks depending on when we receive your example cover page, as well as communication in between. We will provide you an example of the end product for your approval before we upload it to your account.

If you have any questions or are ready to begin the creation process, please submit a support request to and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If you have your Word Document ready, please send this with your request so that we can get started on the process for you.

If you have any questions about accessing or viewing your cover pages, please see our guide for  How to view the cover pages on your account.