Error codes and definitions

Here are the error codes and definitions for Sfax.    

Result code Error code Description
0 0 OK
1 1 One or more documents failed to render properly
1 2 Cover page render failure
4000 0 Invalid fax number
5100 1515101 Blocked
6000 1604003 Fax Number Busy
6200 1624000 No faxtone detected
7000 3704003 Transmission not completed
7500 3707000 Fax content has 1 or more pages that are too dark to transmit
9000 0 Other error detected

1. Example error codes reported as '6000-16044003 Busy.'Notes:

2. There are more than 10,000 of telco carriers across the US. There are differences in the way they report back transmission details. Sometimes we are given full details for the transmission but sometimes we receive nothing other than an error code.