Supported File Types and Valid File Names

Valid File Names

Supported characters for a file name are letters, numbers, spaces, and ( ) _ - , .   

*Please note file names should be limited to 100 characters. 

Characters that are NOT supported include, but are not limited to:  @ $ % & \ / : * ? " ' < > | ~ ` # ^ + = { } [ ] ; !

If you attempt to upload a file that has an invalid file name or type you will receive the following error message along with an indicator to the right of your file.

If you received the error message, you would need to remove any unsupported file types and/or rename the file to a valid file name (removing any unsupported special characters) and then upload the renamed document.   If you need to keep the naming convention for storage, you can temporarily rename the file to upload, and then change it back after you have sent the fax.

Supported File Types

Sfax supports uploading most major document formats when composing a fax for sending or uploading to the document library, see below for accepted file types.

Format File Type
TIF .tif
Adobe PDF .pdf

Application formats: 

Format File Type
Rich text Format .rtf
Microsoft Word .doc
Microsoft Word 2007 or later .docx
Microsoft Excel .xls
Microsoft Excel 2007 or later .xlsx
Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 or later .pptx
Open Office Document .odt
Open Office Speadsheet .ods
Open Office Presentation .odp

Raster image formats

Format File Type
BMP .bmp
GIF .gif
JPG .jpg
PNG .png
TIF .tif

Text file formats

Format File Type
TXT .txt

*A file must contain one of the extensions above.  Files uploaded without an extension will not be accepted.