Import a List of Users

Sfax Administrators can import a .CSV file containing user data to quickly populate the users for a given account. This process has two steps:

  1. Preparing the CSV file.
  2. Importing that file into Sfax.

Preparing the CSV file

The first thing you'll need is your list. 

Follow these steps to prepare your CSV file:

  1. Open a blank MSExcel spreadsheet.
  2. Enter the following column names in the first row of your spreadsheet and populate them as described below:

  3. Save your file as a Comma Delimited (*.CSV) file.

NOTE: Your file should look something like this.

Import Your User List into Sfax

To Import your list of users:

  1. Log into Sfax at

  2. Click the Settings icon under the Sfax header.

  3. Click Manage Users.
  4. Select the Import button.

    The Import Users dialog opens.

  5. Click Browse to select your CSV file.
  6. Indicate if the first row is a header row. This box should be checked if you set up your file as described above.
  7. Choose whether you want to activate these users now (Send Activation Email) or at another time (Activate Later).
  8. Click Next to run the import, or Cancel to back out of this action.

After the Import

Once the list is imported, you will see the users in the Settings > Manage Users tab. Assign numbers, update user settings, and enable email notifications for each user as needed.


Two common problems encountered in this process are:

Problem Description
Getting an error message that the import failed, and that the file attempted had more rows and data then you know it actually had. Be sure that you saved your file as a .CSV file. Importing an actual Excel file (.xslx) will result in this error.
Getting an error message that the import failed with the correct number of rows in the file.
Be sure that the fax numbers you are using in the file belong to the account accepting the import and that the numbers are properly formatted.