Set Fax Retention

In your Sfax account, you can retain inbound and outbound faxes from 1 day up to 5 years (1,825 days to be exact, according to the terms of service). 

NOTE: The fax retention policies outlined here do not pertain to the Sfax trash folder; items located in the trash folder are deleted after 90 days from the time they are placed there.

To set your retention period(s):

  1. Log into Sfax at
  2. Click the Settings icon under the Sfax header, then click Manage account in the left navigation pane.

  1. Then, in the Basic Settings pane, click the Retention Settings button—and in the dialog:

  1. Click the Inbound Retention and/or Outbound Retention drop-down arrow, then Enabled; then enter the number of days you wish to retain your inbound/outbound faxes.

  1. Click the Save button; then Confirm, at the prompt. Your inbound/outbound faxes will be retained for the number of days you set.