Inadvertent faxes being sent to you?

We appreciate getting inadvertent faxes can be really annoying. Our Sfax service processes millions of faxes every month on behalf of thousands of customers including those integrated within many EHRs and other software solutions. Human error means that sometimes people and/or systems try and make fax calls to the wrong fax number or even a voice line. We know it is annoying.

If you believe that one of our customers has sent or tried to send a fax to you by mistake, then we apologize on behalf of our customer. Far from stick our head in the sand on this, we actively want to help our customers clean their data. Help us stop these faxes by completing this form. The more information you supply the easier it is to identify the culprit and quicker to resolve the issue.  Help us stop these faxes by clicking on the link below and completing the form.

Stop Inadvertent Faxes