What is Error Correction Mode (ECM) and why is it important?

Error correction mode (ECM) is a setting that all modern fax machine have and something we use with our Sfax system. When error correction mode is enabled it monitors the entire fax process from the initial dialing through disconnecting. If it detects any issues due to noise in the phone line or low signal strength or data corruption, the receiving fax system will request that the sending fax system resend part or all of the fax information. This can make the transmission time longer, but ensure the data integrity and quality of the fax. If it cannot fix the issue detected, it will fail the fax.

Many issue can arise without Error Correction Mode (ECM) enabled. Some of these issues are skewed or poor quality faxes, receiving only some pages of a fax or not receiving faxes at all.

If you experience any of these issues, please check with the other party whether they are the sender or receiver and have them verify that they have Error Correction Mode enabled.