Sfax sign-up process

On the sign up page https://www.scrypt.com/sfax/sign-up/, you will select your plan choice and select Sign Up option. You will then be taken to the page to input your billing information.

After you input your billing information, accept the terms and click subscribe you will receive several emails.  One of these email will be regarding your billing and another to verify your email address which will contain the link to complete the signup process. This is where you will be able to create your username and your fax number will be assigned to you.  

After you have input your user account information select the Create account option.

Once you have selected to create your account you will be presented with your Sfax number and can set your Time Zone.  The other option presented is for Email notification settings.  Place a check box in the notifications that you want to enable for your account.  You can always change these settings later inside your Sfax account.  After you have the settings in place select Next.

Congratulations, your account is now ready!  This screen will display your User information, Account settings, and link for Security preferences.  If you need to make changes to your Account settings you can select the Change option from this screen.  If your settings are correct and you are ready to login to Sfax you can do so by selecting the Login to Sfax option.  

If you encounter options while setting up your account please submit a ticket to our Support desk to assist.