Porting your number from Sfax

Outbound Number Porting

Unlike many providers, we will not hold you ransom by blocking the porting of your number.  We believe in offering premium products, at reasonable prices backed by great support.  If you decide that its time to leave Sfax, we will respect your decision and help you make the transition – no fuss, no hassle and at no charge.

Some important notes around outbound porting:

  1. You MUST keep your Sfax service active in order to port your number to your new provider. Sfax cannot guarantee that your Sfax number will be held for porting if you cancel your Sfax service prior to receiving confirmation that your number has been successfully ported.
  2. Request an LOA from your new provider.
  3. Complete and submit your LOA to your new provider, also providing them with your current Sfax invoice. 
  4. Your new provider will notify Sfax or our third party carrier of your number porting request and Sfax will verify your account information. 
  5. Upon verification of portability, Sfax will notify your new provider that your Sfax number may be ported.
  6. You must notify Sfax that your number has been successfully ported away to ensure that your number is removed from our database.
  7. You must notify and confirm cancellation of your Sfax service. After you confirm that your Sfax service has been cancelled, Sfax will no longer bill you for Sfax services. You may continue to be billed if you do not cancel your Sfax service after your number has been ported.
  8. Generally, Outbound porting requests will be completed within ten (10) business days after Sfax receives your LOA from your new provider. If you have not received response regarding your port request within fourteen (14) business days or you have any questions regarding our Number Porting Policy, please contact Customer Support at ports@sfax.com.
  9. For enterprise customers with high-volume send/receive requirements and a significant amount of fax numbers, you may submit a port request for review by contacting: 1-877-493-1015.