How to generate usage reports

To generate a user report you will need to be an administrator on the account.  Once you have logged into Sfax you will need to browse to the Settings portion of the account.  

You will then need to select the Account summary option which will then display your Basic settings of the account.  At the bottom of the Basic settings is the Generate report option.  You will need to select this option to continue.

After selecting Generate report you will see the box that allows you to select the report criteria.  At this time the report will generate page counts of the account.  You can select the Year and Month you would like to generate the report for. Once the criteria has been selected you are ready to generate the report by selecting the Submit option.

The report will be generated and based on the browser will save to your default download location or you will be prompted to open the XLS file that has been generated.  The generated report will have two tabs one for Inbound and one for Outbound that will identify the page counts.