Blocked Number

A blocked number error occurs when a number you are trying to send to is manually blocked in our system. This is generally when the number:

  •          Has been disconnected;
  •          Rings constantly without reaching a fax tone;
  •          Is actually a voice line and cannot accept fax traffic;
  •          Has been placed on a block list by the number owner.

If you received a blocked number error on one of your faxes, and you own the number that is blocked, then we can remove that block if you instruct us to do so. Here is what you should do:

  1. Dial the number from a phone line and confirm that you hear a fax tone. If so, continue with the steps below (if not, then the number was dialed in error and you should resend your fax to the correct number).
  2. Request an invoice that shows you own the blocked number. You can do this by calling Customer Service or by logging into your billing account and downloading a PDF version of an invoice that shows the number in question.
  3. Send the invoice with instructions to remove the number from the blocked list to