How to use our billing system

If you have not accessed billing system before you will need to create an account. Browse to and then select the “Create an account” link.

Enter the email address which you used to create your account and choose “Submit.”

After submitting your email address you will receive an email to complete set up.  Once you’ve created a password you’ll be able to log into your account. The email will come from  If you do not see this in your inbox please check your junk and spam filters.  If you do not receive this email please add to your safe senders list and then attempt to create an account.

nce you have successfully created your account you will be shown the Account Information page.  From this page you have the ability to review invoices, update billing information, and if you have decided on canceling your subscription you can do that here as well. 

The Subscription area shows the plan that you signed up for, the status of your account, the cost of your plan, and when you will next be invoiced.  This is also the area of the Account Information page where you can select to cancel your account. 

When canceling your subscription this will cancel you Sfax account immediately.  You will have access to your billing information until the date and time stated at cancellation.  After canceling your account you will see the account information listed and confirming that the subscription is now canceled.  You will be provided with a date and time that you will no longer have access to the billing information.  You will also receive an email confirming the cancellation of your account.

The Billing Information portion shows the name on the credit card used.  The last four digits of the credit card will be displayed as well as they type (Visa, MC, etc) of the card provided.  The expiration date of the card, the billing address associated with the card, and the phone number will also be displayed.  

To update or view your billing information click the “Edit” link within “Billing Information.”  At this point you can input your billing information and after completed select “Update.”  

After making changes to your Billing Information you will be taken to the Account Information screen and see “Successfully updated your account’s billing information” and under the Billing Information this will display the updated Billing Information.

The Invoices area will display your most recent invoices.  You can select the invoice to see further details.  After you have selected the invoice you are also presented with the ability to view this as a PDF and from there have the ability to save or print the invoice for your records.