Generating your API credentials

Setting your API credentials for your users is done through the Manage Users section of the Settings menu. 

*Note, this process can only be done by an administrator level user who has been given the correct permissions by our support team.  If you are unable to perform these steps, contact the administrator of your account, or our support team at

 Once logged into your account, click the Gear icon (Settings) and Manage Users.

Highlight the user you wish to give API credentials to.  Near the bottom of their settings you will see API Key, Encryption Key, Last In Watermark and Last Out Watermark.

It is also important to note that your API user must have a Default Fax Number set in order for it to work.  This must be set, even if you are passing a different SenderFaxNumber with the SendFax api call.

API and Encryption keys are the credentials you will need to generate your API calls through your interface.

The Watermark settings are the Fax ID’s which were last sent are received by your interface’s last calls.

When you are creating your API User account you will need to set the API key by pressing the “Set” button.

And clicking “OK”

You will then do the same for the Encryption Key.

This will generate the credentials you need.

Make sure the Watermark is set to 0 for a new account.  This will change once you start testing or processing faxes.

WARNING: Changing either of the Watermark settings can cause problems in your API calls.  Do not change these settings unless you have fully read the support article regarding how the watermarks are used. Click here to go to this article.

If for some reason either the API or Encryption keys generated are not compatible with your system, you can Clear them.

And then click Set again to generate a new key.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at