Configure API Watermarks

The inbound and outbound retrieve sets (ReceiveInboundFax and ReceiveOutboundFax) all give you back a LastWatermark in the responses. (See the example below.)

If something happens to your system and you need to start the download again, just find the last successful LastWatermark , then enter that to reset it.  You will then start to receive all faxes from that watermark when you make your next call. NOTE: If you are trying to reset the Last In Watermark, make sure you are entering a valid watermark from a ReceiveInboundFax response―and if you are trying to reset Last Out Watermark, make sure you are entering a valid watermark from a ReceiveOutboundFax response .

{"InboundFaxItems":[{"FaxId":"xxx","Pages":"x","ToFaxNumber":"xxx","FromFaxNumber":"8882323562","FromCSID":"8882323562","FaxDateUtc":"3/2/2014 11:37:00 AM","FaxSuccess":"1","Barcodes":{"FirstBarcodePage":0,"TotalPagesWithBarcodes":0,"PagesWithBarcodes":[],"BarcodeItems":[]},"InboundFaxId":"xxx","FaxPages":"4","FaxDateIso":"2014-03-02T11:37:00Z",<strong>"WatermarkId":"xxx"</strong>}],"FaxCount":1,"LastWatermark":"xxx","HasMoreItems":"false","isSuccess":true,"message":"Success"}

If you don’t have access to the last watermark but want to reset back to a certain date, here's how to do that:

Watermarks are formatted by date with a 12 digit unique id on the end. For example: 2140304211245997698. The 214 represents 2014, 03 is the month, 04 is the day and 211245997698 is the unique id. So, if you want to reset back to Feb 25, 2013 you can enter the date and then 12 zeroes on the end for the id.  For example: 2130225000000000000.