The Basics- How it works

    Sign into your Sfax account.  Don't have one yet?  Fill this out and we'll get you started with a trial account.  
    NOTE: You will need to be on a plan of $99/month or more to use the API in production.  To offer maximum flexibility, we have a true developer RESTful API, not just a plugin. You will need to have a developer who understands and writes code in order to integrate.
    Add users and make sure that you have activated the user(s) you will be making the calls for.  
    Generate API credentials for each user you'll be making the calls for.     
    Use the SendFax method call to send documents from your application to our server to be faxed out and the ReceiveInboundFax call to Receive faxes into your application.  See:  Service Methods and  Code Samples .  You'll be able to use our Fax cover pages for sending, and you can also apply barcodes if you'd like.
    Use the ReceiveOutboundFax method call to get information for all faxes that have completed since your last call; and configure the Fax Callback alerts to be sent when a fax is sent and successfully received.  (We can also read barcodes coming in and provide you with that data.)
    Use the DownloadInboundFax or DownloadOutboundFax method calls to download the fax document in TIF or PDF format when/if needed.  See: Service Methods and  Code Samples 
    Having trouble?  That's what we're here for!  Call or email.   877-493-1015 or