Sfax Download Service

The Fax Download Service is available for accounts that are on a Contender plan or higher and are currently billable.  If you have any questions about this, contact our Sales department at 1-877-493-1015.

The installation of the Sfax Download Service is fairly straightforward.  There are a few things however, that need to be addressed before the install.

  •          .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0 or .NET 4.5 will need to be installed on the system that is running the service.
  •           The service can be installed on Server 2008 (R2), Server 2012, and Windows 7, 8 and 10. Unfortunately at this time Windows 2012 R2 and higher are not supported.
  •          The service will be installed to run using Local System credentials.  If you are saving files to a networked drive, the account that is running the service will need full access to those folders.
  •          If you are using a firewall on the system, there should be an exception created to allow traffic from https://winserv.sfaxme.com

Before the installation of the service, we would need to create a configuration file.  The following information is what we need to create this file for you.

Format preference:  PDF or TIFF

Naming preference:

  •      FaxId        

(e.g. 2150310165103980593)

  •      (Last 4 of recipient fax number)_(Fax)(Date)(Time)_(Number of Pages)

(e.g. 4028_03102015115800664783_1)

  •      (Last 4 of recipient fax number)_(Date)_(Time)_(Number of Pages)                   

(e.g. 4028_03102015_120100581558_1)

  •       (Last 4 of recipient fax number)_(Date)_(Time)_(Last 5 digits of FaxID)               

(e.g. 4028_03102015_120400_80350)

  •       (CSID)_(Date)_(Time)_(Last 5 of FaxID)


  •       (Sender Fax Number)_(Date)_(Time)_(Last 5 of FaxID)

(e.g. 8889744028_03102015_121400_80941)

Download folder (this can be either local [preferred] or UNC) for each associated fax line

ie:  (local)    c:\StoredFaxes\            or            (UNC)    \\server_name\StoredFaxes\

Please note which fax line will be downloading to which folder.

Your Sfax account will need to have a Windows Service user which we will create.  This user is generally created with “winserv” in the name.  Any numbers which you have associated with the account will have their faxes downloaded by the service, and put in the folder designated by the configuration file. 

We will provide you with a config.xml folder and a Sfax Windows Service.exe file.  You can place these on your desktop to install.

Start the executable. 

Once the initial components are installed, you will be prompted with the Import dialog.  Click on Step 1.

This will open a window for you to import your configuration file.  Select it and click Open.

The configuration tab will open, showing all of the settings for your windows service.  Make sure these are correct, making any adjustments you may need to the format, naming convention or storage paths.

Click on Step 2 to save the settings.

Step 3 will be to locate and start the FaxDownloadService. 

This will automatically open you services window.  Find the FaxDownloadSevice and click Start.

Once the service is started, you can close all windows.  Your installation is complete!  You should now have a SfaxFaxDownload folder under the C: drive of your computer.  Open this folder.

The service will start and check for faxes every 3 minutes.  Once 3 minutes have passed, you should find a Sfax.log file.  This file keeps track of the watermark of the faxes that have been downloaded and will refresh every time the service runs. 

You should also find your faxes in the folder you designated.  If you do not, check the SfaxFaxDownload folder for an error.log file.  If you see one, you can submit a help ticket by emailing  support@sfax.j2.com and attaching that file to the ticket.  We would then be able to reach out to you to help get your download service running correctly.