ShareFile errors

Receiving error messages for your ShareFile integration?  There are times that Sfax is unable to deliver to your ShareFile folder.  Below are some scenarios and what you can do to troubleshoot.

Has your ShareFile trial expired?

Your ShareFile account must be active in order for us to deliver faxes to ShareFile folders.  If you have purchased a ShareFile account and need to reactivate the integration see this article.

If you no longer have a ShareFile account we recommend you deactivate the integration. 

Have you deleted a folder in ShareFile?

Confirm that the ShareFile folder assigned to your fax number has not been deleted.  If you have deleted the folder in your ShareFile account you will need to map your fax number to another folder in Sfax.

Have you reached your storage limit in ShareFile?

Check to ensure you have available storage in your ShareFile account.  If not, Sfax will not be able to deliver faxes.  Contact ShareFile to discuss upgrade options.  

Has your ShareFile authorization expired?

Your ShareFile authorization must be current in order for us to deliver faxes to ShareFile. You will need to click on Authorize and allow access to the ShareFile account.