View faxes in the Sfax iOS mobile app

The Sfax iOS mobile application is designed to allow you the ability to compose, send, view, reply, forward, delete and move faxes around in your Sfax account.

The application can be found on the iTunes store here:  Sfax iOS mobile app

First you must sign into the app

If you need to retrieve your password, you can use the Forgotten password option. Entering your username and clicking “send” will send a password reset request to the email on file.

If you do not have any numbers associated with your account, you will receive an error asking you to contact your administrator.

Once logged in, you will see the list of your associated fax numbers.Select the fax number which you received the fax on from the Fax number screen.

Now you can view the various folders Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent, Failed and Trash folder.  Select the Inbox to view your faxes.

Select the fax you would like to view

You are now viewing the fax that you selected. You have options available when viewing faxes.  The information icon allows you to view the information and you may update notes about the fax. The folder icon allows you to move the fax to a different folder. The delete icon allows you to delete the fax. The up arrow in box icon allows you to reply, forward or print.