How to view fax audit trail or notes on a fax

Sfax will allow you to view the audit trail or the notes of a fax. Notes can be automatically generated by the system or manually added by a user.

First, select the folder where the fax in question is located in Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Failed, or Trash folder.

Next, select the fax. 

Once you have selected the fax, look to the upper right and click the Notes icon.

The Notes window will open and you will be able to view any actions performed on this fax by the system or users. The action performed will be listed followed by the user name, date and time in reverse chronological order. The user name Fax Module is for actions performed by the system. 

Here are some common actions performed by the system or users. 

Inbound fax processed. Success
Email notice sent to (
Delivered to ShareFile folder (Folder name)
Delivered to Box folder (Failed)
Delivered to Box folder (Folder name)
Fax downloaded via API.
Fax opened.
Fax view saved. 1 pages rotated.
Fax exported.
Fax printed.
Fax information updated.
Fax moved to folder.
Fax moved to Trash bin.
Fax restored.
Outbound Fax queued for sending.
Outbound Fax queued by user - FirstName LastName (Sfaxusername)
Outbound fax process succeeded.
Outbound fax process failed. (error message)
Processed fax cancellation request.
Fax cancellation requested by user - FirstName LastName (Sfaxusername)
Fax failed due to Document rendering error.