Send fax using the Sfax iOS mobile app

The Sfax iOS mobile application is designed to allow you the ability to compose, send, view, reply, forward, delete and move faxes around in your Sfax account.

The application can be found on the iTunes store here:  Sfax iOS mobile app

First you must sign into the app

If you need to retrieve your password, you can use the Forgotten password option. Entering your username and clicking “send” will send a password reset request to the email on file.

If you do not have any numbers associated with your account, you will receive an error asking you to contact your administrator.

Once logged in, you will see the list of your associated fax numbers.To compose a fax, select the Compose fax icon on the lower right of your screen.

The Send Fax screen will open up with options for your outgoing Fax number, recipients, files and Cover page settings. 

If you have multiple fax lines on your account, you can tap on the Fax number field and the Fax number screen will open from which you will select your outgoing number. 

Next, tap on the recipient field and you will be able to add one or multiple recipients. You will have option to Enter number – which allows you to type the number manually, Mobile contact – which allows you to select a contact from your phone address book, and Sfax Contact – which allows you to select a contact from your Shared or My contacts in Sfax.

Next you will need to attach the documents. After you tap the files field you will be provided with 5 option from where you can import your document.

Fax is from within your received or sent faxes.

Document is from the Sfax Document library.

Camera is from pictures you have taken or documents which you need to take a picture of.

Import from Stak is from the Stak software.

Import from ShareFile is from your ShareFile account.

When you select the Camera option make sure the document is on a dark background. The app will be able to auto recognize the document you are taking a picture. If you need to adjust the screen, you can do with moving the purple circles to the area you need. Once you have made adjustment click Done in the upper right hand side. 

After selecting Done, you still have other options for the document.  You will have 4 options displayed at the bottom of the screen to Crop, Rotate, Color adjustment and Delete the document. After you have made all the adjustment click the Attachment icon in the upper right.

Next you will need to add the cover page or select none. Then enter the cover page subject, reference and remarks field and select Send in the upper right hand corner.  

After clicking Send, you will see Uploading and your fax will be queued for sending.