Can Sfax be integrated into my current application?

Sfax is already integrated into a growing number of other applications.  Contact us for the latest list.

Not on the list?  Then get in touch.  We've made it really easy for third party software vendors to integrate Sfax into your application.  You could be using Sfax within your application in weeks not months.  Here's some words to copy into an email to your software vendor:  

"Hi <insert name>,

As you know from previous discussions, we need to be able to securely fax directly out from your application and receive inbound faxes .  When we had discussed this before you indicated that it was complicated/difficult/costly/etc (delete as required).

Well, the good news is that we've been doing some research and came across a great secure faxing solution called 'Sfax'.  It's provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) which means there nothing to install. The have all the elements in place to make integrating with them easy and have documentation, sample code and a testing environment.

Email for more details.


<insert your name>."