Additional Line Fee breakdown

Sfax plans come with one TF (toll free) line which is include in the plan pricing.

If you decide to port in your own number and  when porting completes you request to deactivate the toll free assigned to your account. This will make the ported line included in your plan we will not charge you additional line fee. If you decide to keep both the toll free line and the ported line, then you will be charged for  one additional fax line. 

If you port more than one fax lines or add additional toll free fax lines to your account, then there would be additional line fees for extra lines on your account beside one fax line which is included in the plan pricing. 

Additional line fee’s are listed below, varying on the plan type (Monthly or Annual) that you have selected

Monthly Plans: $5.00 per month/ per added line 
Annual Plans:  $48.00 per year/per added line