How to delete a fax

Have a fax you do not need any more or just want to get rid of, let’s delete it! 

Once you have logged in with a user that has the fax delete permission, you will need to navigate to the fax you want to delete and select it. 

By default, all Sfax users have the delete fax permission. See  Setting User Permissions for outlined information about permissions. 

Once you have the fax or faxes selected you want to delete click the ‘Delete’ button at the top of the column.

When clicking the ‘Delete’ button you will receive a final confirmation box.

Once you click ‘Delete’ the fax(es) will be deleted and moved to the ‘Trash’ folder.

The fax(es) remain in the ‘Trash’ folder for 30 days or until you permanently delete them.

When you delete a fax from the ‘Trash’ folder you will receive another delete confirmation box; however, this time all faxes in the Trash are permanently deleted from Sfax.

**Faxes deleted from the ‘Trash’ are not recoverable**