Store Files in the Document Library

The document library is where you can store and edit documents in Sfax after you have received them or prior to transmitting them. To store documents in this library:

  1. Log into Sfax at
  2. Click the Library icon under the Sfax header, then Upload document in the left navigation pane.

  1. Then, in the Upload documents window:
    1. Click the Select document library drop-down arrow, and select which library you want to store your files. (NOTE: Only you can access My documents; all users can access Shared documents.)

    1. Then, either: 1) Open Windows Explorer, navigate to, highlight, and hold the document you want to upload. Then, move it to the the Drag and drop files here pane of the Upload documents window...OR...2) Click the Browse button and, in the File Upload window, navigate to and select the document you want to upload; then click the Open button. The file name now appears next to the Browse button in the Upload documents window. 

      NOTES: In case you selected the wrong document: Click the minus button in the file-name text field; then click the Browse button to start over. To upload another document, repeat step. b., above.

  1. Click the Next button. The Select folders window appears, displaying (as checked) the library you previously chose to store your documents—(NOTE:  To add a new folder: Click the new-folder icon in the lower-left corner of the window, and follow the instructions.)—then,, click the Save button to save and exit (or Cancel, to exit without saving). The library page reappears, displaying the document you uploaded.