Change or Reset Your Sfax Password

To change, or reset (if you forgot it or are locked out), your password, go to Then:

  • To change your password: Click the Settings icon under the Sfax header, then click My profile. Then, scroll down to the Change Password pane, and enter your username, password―then your password again (to confirm). Then, click Submit.  A system message then appears and states your password was changed.

  • To reset your password: Click the Forgotten Password link—and at the prompt, enter your user name. A system message appears, indicating an email has been sent to you on how to reset your password.

NOTE: If you enter the wrong username, you will see the following system message. Contact your Sfax account administrator to confirm your username, then contact Support.  (However, if you are the account administrator and receive this message, please submit a support ticket to for assistance.)