Want to forward a fax line to your Sfax number?

If you would like to Forward your local existing fax number to an Sfax fax number, you will first need to please reach out to your local carrier to request that they route a Forward from your local line over to your toll free line/account in Sfax.

Once you have reached out to your local carrier and asked them to put the Forward in place, we need some basic information from you for our records:

  • We need your request in writing, so please submit a support ticket to support@sfax.j2.com
  • Provide the local number that you want to Forward
  • Also provide the Sfax number you want to Forward to

Once we have recorded the Forward in our system, we'll provide an update to you.

Please note: When a Forward is set in place, it creates one more step in the faxing operation and can leave the faxing process open for possible failure or misconnect.