Port Your Current Fax Number to Sfax

We get a number of inquiries from people wanting to port their current fax numbers instead of using a new toll-free number. Porting a fax number to our service is definitely possible. We do it all the time.  You have two options:

  • First option: Confirm that your current carrier will release your number (most will but a few won’t); then put in a support request to ports@sfax.com. We'll send you an LOA (letter of agreement) that you'll need to fill out to get started, and we'll also need a copy of your most recent bill.
  • Second option:  Contact your current provider and ask for its assistance in forwarding your existing fax number to your Sfax toll-free number.  Also, submit a support request to ports@sfax.com, including the fax number you are forwarding from and the Sfax number you are forwarding to.  We will then program this on our side as well, for delivery to your destination

Please note that we will not begin the porting process for you until you are out of your trial period.  If you would like to start the process before your trial period is up, you may end the trial and become billable.  Based on how responsive your carrier is, and how accurate the information you provide us with is, the process takes 2-4 weeks. IMPORTANT!: Your carrier will require that your account billing is active and up-to-date before it will release the number(s), so DO NOT cancel your current account until you get confirmation from us that the number has been ported into our system.

After submitting your support request, we will get right on it. We charge a one- time fee of $10 for each fax line, billed after porting is complete.