Add Contacts to Your Sfax Account

To add contacts to your Sfax account:

  1. Log into Sfax at
  2. Click the Contacts icon under the Sfax header, then click Create contact in the left navigation pane.

  1. In the Create Contact dialog: Click the Fax Number drop-down arrow, select the contact's country of origin, enter his or her fax number in the textbox—then, click the Type drop-down arrow, and select you contact's type (i.e., shared or your own). If:
  • Shared contact, then any contacts stored there are shared between your company, association or group―and can be selected, edited, or deleted by any member that they are shared with.
  • My contact, then they are your own personal contacts which only you can see or edit.

  1. Enter any of the remaining information, then click the Next button. The Select groups dialog appears, where you can create groups (within your shared or own contacts).

  1. To add a group, click the Add Group icon (NOTE: If you don't wish to create any groups, just click Save to exit)—then in the ensuing dialog: Select the parent group, enter a name for the group you want to add; then click Add. The Select groups dialog reappears with the name of the group you just added.

  1. Check the box of the group in which you want to add the contact, then click the Save button to save the information and exit.