2016 Archived Updates


10/23/2016 Sfax Maintenance

4/10/2016 Sfax Updates

3/25/2016 Data Center Maintenance

1/31/2016 Server hardware replacement

1/30/2016 Server and Hardware Failure


10/23/2016 - Please be advised that on Sunday, October 23, 2016 Sfax will be unavailable starting at 5:30 AM CDT.  During this time we’ll deploy the latest updates.  We anticipate this update to take no longer than 30 minutes. Although you will not be able to access Sfax during this time, do not worry, as all faxes will still be received as normal and can be accessed once the updates are completed. Check out our  “What’s New” page for additional updates and information.

4/10/2016 – Starting at 6:00am (CDT) Sfax was unavailable while updates were applied.  Sfax was again available to our customers by 6:20am (CDT).  Although you were unable to access Sfax during this time, do not worry, as all faxes were still received as normal and you were able to access them as soon as the updates completed.   

Updates include: Enhanced search features, enabled ability for resellers to set/edit account numbers for their customers and bug fixes.

3/25/2016 – The data center maintenance was completed but took longer than expected.  The maintenance window started at 11 PM (CDT) on March 25th.  During the scheduled maintenance, an upstream network issue out of our direct control was experienced.  It unfortunately took several hours to resolve.  After the upstream network issue was resolved, the maintenance tasks were completed.  The expected timeframe for the maintenance was 2-3 hours.  Actual timeframe for the maintenance was 7-8 hours. During the maintenance window, inbound fax transmissions were received but delayed posting into the Sfax and Stak systems.  This was expected during the maintenance window timeframe.

1/31/2016 – Starting at 3:15pm (CST) Our engineers replaced a faulty server and hard drive at our data center.  During this time customers were unable to login to Sfax applications and were directed to our emergency maintenance page.  Faxes were being received during this time and delivered once back online.  All fax history was restored by our engineers.

1/30/2016 – Starting at 5:20pm (CST) we experienced a server and hardware system failure. Customers were unable to access Sfax applications during this time.  Incoming faxes and faxes queued for sending were delivered once back online.  This issue was resolved.