Receiving Spam Faxes?

If you are receiving junk or spam faxes, and utilizing the opt-out number provided has not prevented further faxes from this sender, Sfax may be able to help.  Sfax can attempt to prevent delivery of confirmed spam faxes with some information from the faxes that you received. 

We would like you to provide a copy of the spam fax you received and the FaxID for the spam fax.

For the copy of the spam fax,  you’ll need to export the fax from Sfax.  If you are unfamiliar with the export  process, please see our guide located here:

How to Export from Sfax v3

For the FaxID of the spam fax, there are two ways to locate the FaxID and we have listed them below.

1.       If you have fax notifications enabled, then the notifications will have the FaxID listed under  “Sfax received…” line

2.       Log into Sfax and select the fax from the Inbox

Then above the display panel on the right hand side click the ' i ' icon 

Which  will open the Fax Information window and there you will find the FaxID listed under the ID field.

Once you have a copy of the spam fax exported and the FaxID, simply email this information to and we will review.  If possible, we will place a block to prevent any further faxes from this number from being delivered.