Using the Sfax Viewer for Android

The Sfax Mobile application is developed to allow you to view and manage your Faxes, giving you the ability to easily view, delete and move faxes around in your account.

The application can be found on the Google Play store here:   Sfax Viewer

When searching on your android device, search for Sfax Viewer

Once installed, you will sign in using your Sfax Username.

If you need to retrieve you password, you can use the Forgot Password option

Entering your username and clicking “send” will send a password reset request to the email on file.

If you do not have any numbers associated with your account, you will receive an error asking you to contact your administrator.

Once logged in, you will see the list of your associated fax numbers

Clicking the Icon on the top left will give you the option to sign off

Selecting your fax line will list your folders.

Drafts are faxes which you have not completed and will need to be edited through the Web Portal.  Your Outbox will show you faxes that are currently being processed.  Sent will be faxes that have been processed and received by your recipient.  The Failed folder will show you faxes which were unable to be sent.  Lastly, your Trash folder shows faxes that have been sent to the trash to be removed.

The arrow icon on the top left will move you back one screen. If you drag down on the screen, the folders will refresh.  You can do this on any window.

Selecting a folder will show the faxes within that folder. 

Selecting Edit will allow you to select faxes to send them to the trash.

Clicking a fax will highlight the fax and the trash bin at the bottom right corner will turn green.

Clicking the Trash icon will allow you to send the selected items to your Trash folder.

Selecting a fax will show you the fax.

The icon on the top right will pull up the More options, actions which you can take with the fax.  Your options will change depending on which folder you are in.

Deleting the fax from a folder will send it to the trash.
You will be given a screen to verify this action.

If you are deleting from the Trash folder, you will be given a warning that the fax will be permanently deleted.

A fax will NOT be recoverable if it is permanently deleted.

Moving a fax will bring up your list of folders available as a destination.

Select the folder to move to and click “Move”

The Notes option will open the notes for the fax you have selected.

You can rotate your phone to Landscape mode to view more information from the note.

You can add a note by typing in the “Enter note” section, and clicking the “Add” button at the top right.

The Information option will display the Information of the fax, including any Subject, Reference or Remark details that were entered from the Web Portal.