System Status

We achieved better than 99.9% uptime in 2016. We know how important our service is to your organization and strive every hour of every day for industry-leading reliability and performance.

System uptime 



Status History

Date (CST)   Description

2/24/2017 1151am CST

   Emergency Maintenance performed to address issue with Sfax service.  Access restored at 1225pm CST

3/5/2017  530am CST

Maintenance on Sfax servers at 5am CST.  Estimated completion time: five minutes.

4/14/2017 708am CST
Inbound and Outbound faxes delayed.  Processing of inbound faxing restored at 820am CST.  Processing of outbound restored at 850am CST.

5/31/2017 1015am - 12pm CST
Emergency Maintenance 5/31/17 10:15am - 12:00pm